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Synovia Technology's Health Plan Platform

The Synovia Health platform underlies our Health Plan BPO Service offering allowing Synovia Health to support your health plan operation end-to-end, or health plan clients can license the platform to deliver plan services themselves.  

The Synovia Health platform is a flexible, proprietary, cloud-based ecosystem supporting all Health Plan functions:

  • Enrollment and Billing (incl. CMS submissions), Claims, Medical Management (CM/UM), Customer Service/CRM, Provider Data Management, and Print Fulfillment

  • Self-service Portals - eCommerce, Member, Provider, Agent, and Employer

  • PBM Pharmacy integration

  • Compliance

  • Revenue Management/Risk Adjustment

  • Data Analytics

  • Differentiating features that provide for 

    • Real Time Claims Payment

    • Robotic Process Automation



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